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Admissions 2017

Department of Petroleum Engineering


Programs Offered

  • The Department strives to...
  • Efficiently utilize advances in computer modeling and simulation, statistical and probability analysis, as well new technical innovations such as horizontal drilling and enhanced oil recovery.
  • These applications and technologies tends to substantially improved the tools used by the Petroleum Engineers in recent years, and they will continue to play an important part in their activities as they seek to research and develop new ways to extract new deposits, while lowering the cost of drilling and production.
  • Petroleum engineering makes use of technology in a variety of ways depending on the specialization that you are working in. The reason for this is because the ability to extract hydrocarbons has become more complex as the terrain has become more difficult including deep-water, arctic and desert conditions.

The areas of Specialization include:

  • Drilling Engineering

  • Production Engineering

  • Reservoir Engineering

  • Petrophysical Engineering

Job Opportunities

Career prospects are quite attractive in petroleum sector as petroleum companies have great influence and offer attractive salaries to employees. The demand for safe, affordable, clean energy has never been greater. And you can help meet this need. If you want to make a difference in the world—and if you are looking for challenge, adventure, choices, and excellent financial rewards—consider a career in petroleum engineering. In fact, there is great demand of efficient petroleum engineers and almost every young graduate in petroleum engineering gets a job offer from petrol and gas companies from India and overseas.