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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Programs Offered

  • The Department strives to...
  • give students a broad exposure to all areas of Mechanical Engineering and mould them to be technically competitive and place them ahead in the race for quality employment.
  • enable the students to acquire practical experience in Mechanical Engineering discipline through design projects and opportunities to work with the faculty on research assignments.
  • to train the students and enable them to meet the technological challenges and diverse needs of industry and society in various areas of Mechanical Engineering and equip them to excel in a global industry.
  • train and develop modern day cross-functional engineers who can take up the challenges of maintaining and managing modern day systems and production lines.

M.Tech - Manufacturing Process

This program is offered by the Mechanical Department. Manufacturing Process is a varied and challenging field that is becoming increasingly important because of new production methods. It works with engineers to design experiments, plan production methods, find better ways to manufacture products, and in troubleshooting, inspection and quality control. The aim of the Department is to promote convergence of the knowledge, information technology and skills in the field of manufacturing material handling and machine operations.

B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering

Students have various divisions like Production, Industrial Engineering, R&D work, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to work with. Frequent visits to industry and all-India educational tours are an integral part of the programme, giving students a wide exposure. Guest Lectures by both International / National experts from institutions and industry are regularly arranged on current topics.

B.Tech - Mechatronics Engineering

What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics engineering is the design of computer-controlled electromechanical systems. It can be viewed as 'modern mechanical engineering design' in the sense that the design of the mechanical system must be performed together with that of the electrical/electronic and computer control aspects that will comprise the complete system.

Daily Examples of Mechatronics Systems

Some examples of mechatronic systems include: a CD or DVD player; a computer hard disc drive; a video cassette recorder (VCR); a fly-by-wire aircraft control system; an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the very recent Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM). Each of these is essentially mechanical in nature, but could not function without the integral design of the electrical and computer control systems that are critical to their operation.

Mechatronics Engineering program at Quantum Global Campus

The Mechatronics program at Quantum Global Campus is administered by department of Mechanical Engineering. The Mechatronics program differs very significantly from the Mechanical Engineering program in the courses that students take. Half of the second and third year courses in the Mechatronics program are provided by the Systems Design Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments. This makes the Mechatronics program the ideal choice for students who would prefer a broad interdisciplinary engineering education that is nonetheless highly integrated and focussed.

Today, Mechatronics program at Quantum Global Campus is unmatched in terms of content and integration. The recent collaboration of Quantum with APS Gmbh, European center for Mechatronics , Germany has given way for the establishment of Advance Robotic Control Lab on automation and Industrial Robotics at the campus. This collaboration with European Center involvesacademic collaboration, faculty and student exchange programme, curriculum development and inclusion of latest technology for research and development.

This enormously helps students with extensive training on cutting edge Robotic Software under German trainers and supervisors .Also, a rare opportunity to access from India the industrial robots located in Germany in companies like Volkswagon, BMW, Mercedes, etc and apply their work practically.

It is the program of choice for students seeking a broad interdisciplinary engineering education that is highly integrated and focused.

Variant of the field

An emerging variant of this field is biomechatronics, whose purpose is to integrate mechanical parts with a human being, usually in the form of removable gadgets such as an exoskeleton. This is the "real-life" version of cyberware.

Another variant that we can consider is Motion control for Advanced Mechatronics, which presently is recognized as a key technology in mechatronics. The robustness of motion control will be represented as a function of stiffness and a basis for practical realization. Target of motion is parameterized by control stiffness which could be variable according to the task reference. However, the system robustness of motion always requires very high stiffness in the controller.

DIPLOMA - Mechnical Engineering

The Diploma Program in Mechanical Engineering seeks to provide quality education and training to students to meet the real work needs of manufacturing/ production industry and prepare them for the changes in techniques, technologies, markets and employment patterns. After completion of this program, students can also take admission directly in the second year of Mechanical engineering through lateral entry mode.