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Admissions 2017

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication Begins at Quantum

BJMC Program gets its strong foothold at Quantum Global Campus-the most attractive institution in Uttarakhand which will be introduced from the year 2015 onwards.

Quantum has left no stone unturned in proving its capabilities by providing its students best of best careers and Opportunities. The healthy record of Quantum Global Campus in various fields has moved it to be the Top Most College in Uttarakhand which ought to be the first choice among students.

Just for providing more of opportunities to the students, Quantum has taken this very initiative and introduced the most demanding course ie. Bachelors of Jornalism and Mass Communication at its own Campus (BJMC)

It has been designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills.It aims to develop an ability for critical thinking and creativity and to give the students an opportunity to combine the theoretical curriculum with practical applications,through detailed research ,lucid writing skills,oral presentation skills and a mastery of various mass communications media in our global information age.

Journalism and mass communication are two interrelated disciplines that form together a field of study of high attractiveness for prospective students. Journalism is defined as the investigation and reporting of events and developments to a wide audience. Dating back to the 17th century, the journalist as profession is now associated with news media such as newspapers, magazines, television and online websites. The journalist acts as a mediator of information between source and broad audience. Organised in different genres: Investigative Journalism, Tabloid Journalism, Broadcast Journalism or Advocacy Journalism, this Profession is pressured by upholding high ethical standards.

Mass communication focuses on disseminating the information and studies, the manner and effects of this diffusion, such as persuasion or manipulation. Public relations and advertising are practical skills that are thought in Journalism and mass communication studies and with the increased role of the Internet also digital communication gains importance within this field of studies.

Quantum Global Campus,BJMC College in Dehradun offers wide ranging opportunities in the field of media and advertising.

Job/Placement Opportunities

Television: Reporter, Anchor, Producer, Copy Editor, Script Writer, Researcher, Production Executive, Video Jockey.

Radio: Radio Jockey / Anchor, News Reader, Reporter, Producer, Program Executive, Script Writer, Copy Writer.

Internet & Mobile: Content writer, content designer.

Newspaper and Magazine: Reporter/ Correspondent; Feature writer; Business writer; Copy editor; Sub-editor; Photographer.

Event Management: Event executive, Event Manager, Event Designer

Importance of media in our lives is for all to see and therefore it offers excellent opportunity to individuals who seek to be in a creative profession and yet have the best of corporate life.Moreover,growth in print,electronic and digital media has been phenomenal after the Govt of India allowed FDI in Media and Entertainment Industry.