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Top Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

In today’s 21st century there is no dearth of Top Engineering Colleges Dehradun rather multiple of Engineering Colleges exist in every region. But a vibrant Engineering College is the one which provides up-to-date education to its students and make them well defined employees so that they can flourish in their career and life.

Engineering graduates learn to integrate scientific and engineering principles to develop products and processes that contribute to economic growth, advances in medical care, enhanced national security systems, ecologically sound resource management, and many other beneficial areas. As a result, students who graduate with engineering degrees bring highly prized skills into a wide spectrum of sectors in the Indian workforce.

Quantum Global Campus, among the Top Engineering Colleges Dehradun 2017 remarkably ensures to provide its students top Engineering Placements and all required facilities so that they can grow into a charismatic personality which marks the ultimate requirement of today’s companies.

At “Quantum” – Top Ranked Engineering College in Dehradun 2017 in addition to the fundamental science and engineering content, increasingly important elements in the engineering curriculum are effective communications, working in teams, and organizational management. Recognizing that new technologies drive so much economic growth, more and more engineering educators are teaching entrepreneurship to students, many of whom will provide the technical know-how for new companies and innovative products to come.

And in an effort to stem the tide of attrition among engineering students, Quantum School of Technology-The Top Engineering College Dehradun 2017 increasingly provides substantive, hands-on design and engineering content in freshman Engineering Programs emphasizing the creative aspects of engineering. This marks a change from the traditional engineering curriculum that puts Engineering students through rigorous training in mathematics and science before providing a context for the engineering process.

Engineering programs at Quantum Global Campus, Top Ranked Engineering College Dehradun 2017 are evolving to make available opportunities to pursue diverse areas of study that match the rapid pace of discovery and innovation in computer science and engineering, many of which are interdisciplinary.


Quantum Global Campus has been ranked as No.1 Engineering College in Dehradun and North India promoting Innovation for 2013-14, by ASSOCHAM and the Education Minister of Gujarat.


The Engineering Placements of its students in blue chip companies of India with packages touching a high of Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum under its belt.

A highly professional Department of External Programs (DEEPRO) works to mobilize the corporate and ensure such wonderful, record-creating results for students under its campus recruitment program called I-deserve