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Admissions 2017

Advanced Robotic Control lab for Industrial Applications

Quantum Global Campus recently signed an MOU with APS Gmbh, European center for Mechatronics- Germany. Under this lab, the students at Quantum are getting extensive training on cutting edge Robotic Software under German trainers and supervisors. This training is meant to pave the way for Quantum students to access the industrial robots located in Germany in companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, etc. and apply their work practically.

Quantum has already sent two of its faculties, Assistant Professors namely Anees Ahmed and Manish Mittal to Germany on a Special Training with a purpose to get an additional knowlege on automation and industrial Robotics. The faculties had spend 15 days at the advanced center in Germany for the training and got well trained in latest robotic technologies by German experts.

The aim of the ARC lab is to enhance the current education by introducing concrete industrial automation concepts by teaching robotics at Indian universities, with access to real industrial robot. Further, these labs can support Indian industries including SMEs by providing automation solutions tested under real production requirements.

ARC provides the students the access to industrial robotics under production conditions with remote control. Theses practical courses allow direct control of the industrial robots in Germany from Quantum. The students learn simulating, programming and controlling in order to test their results at these industrial roots, which are equipped with grippers, sensors etc.

The students trained in ARC software shall become highly paid, skilled engineers for large industries like automobile, food processing, power and other automated manufacturing industries both in India and abroad.

Another great move by Quantum, awarded as the 'Best Engineering College Promoting Innovation in North India'.